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Avoid Unwanted Electrical Repairs with Power and Surge Protection

Perth's Cablenet Electrical Services can install and service circuit breakers, power and surge protectors and safety switches to keep your home and family safe, while helping you save money on electrical repairs.

Safety switches are not only a sensible way to protect your family but a legal requirement. Since 2000 it has been compulsory for all new homes to have two residual current devices (RCDs) fitted to protect power and lighting circuits as part of any new electrical installation.

In addition, to help reduce deaths from electrocution, the Western Australian Government implemented new RCD regulations in August 2009 which apply to people selling their homes and to landlords. Every home sold or leased must be fitted with a minimum of two RCDs to protect all power and lighting circuits.

Circuit Breakers, Surge Protection and RCDs

Cablenet's licensed electricians can explain the difference between circuit breakers, power and surge protectors and safety switches, carry out an audit and advise on making your home safety compliant. We also offer a complete range of home and office electrical repairs, specialist electrical maintenance services and more.

There are a few basic differences between circuit breakers, surge protectors and RCDs.

  • Circuit breakers - These are designed to protect electrical cables and fittings installed in the home from overloading and short circuiting. They cut the power when electrical wiring in the home has too much current flowing through it. They are designed to prevent electrical fires from starting, however they will not prevent electrocution.
  • Surge Protection - Some meter boxes have surge protection devices fitted to safeguard appliances against a spike in electrical voltage, such as a lightning strike. Some power boards or extension leads also have surge protection fitted. These devices do not offer any protection against electrocution.
  • RCDs - These are the only devices that can prevent electrocution by cutting the power to a circuit in the event of an earth leakage. RCDs are the only device that can give you or a family member a second chance when disaster strikes.

What Are RCDs?

An RCD is a safety device that disconnects a circuit when it detects an imbalance of the electric current. It works on the principle that the electricity flowing into a circuit must be equal to the current flowing out of a circuit. When a person receives a shock, it means some current is diverted through the body directly to earth.

If the RCD detects an imbalance in the electrical current, indicating electrocution or a leakage to earth, it immediately cuts the electricity supply to prevent harm.

RCDs are extremely sensitive, disconnecting within 10 to 50 milliseconds of detecting a current leakage.

RCDs also protect against fire caused by faults in appliances, tools and wiring and provide a means of early fault detection.

Make Your Home Safe

Make sure your home has the required safety switches, power and surge protectors to guard against electrocution and fires. If you already have these, make sure they're fully functional and up to code by consulting our specialists, who can diagnose issues and conduct electrical repairs as required.

Call Cablenet on 08 9381 5802 or contact us today to have safety switches installed in your home.

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