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The Danger of Underqualified Electricians

Thousands of people are electrocuted every year. It doesn't need to be said, but high voltage work is dangerous. That's why it's such an intensely regulated industry, with mandatory testing of potentially dangerous equipment and professionals needing thorough training and up to date qualifications.

When something goes wrong, it can go very wrong. Unqualified electricians are a danger to both themselves and those around them, which is why you should never take the risk of a DIY job if you're not absolutely certain that it's within your skill level. No two homes or offices are the same, and only a qualified professional is trained to work in such a wide range of environments.

Your Safety is Our Concern

There are hundreds of things to consider on every electrical job. Such factors include the presence of liquids, aerosols, frayed wiring, adequate grounding solutions, system deterioration, fire prevention, expected current and voltage levels, direction of flow, era of system installation and many, many more. Only a qualified professional has been trained to handle these variables. By taking on a home or office electrical job by yourself, you're putting your life at risk. Similarly, asking friends or family to take a look at it has often led to tragic consequences.

  • DON'T say it won't happen to you. It happens to someone every day.
  • DON'T underestimate the danger of high voltage currents. It may or may not be fatal, but you won't know which until it's too late.
  • DON'T make assumptions. The exact procedures and safe work practices depend on things like wiring quality, age of the building, surrounding materials and countless other variables. It's important to have answers to all of these factors before commencing work. Making assumptions can be fatal.
  • DO contact Cablenet's highly trained, professional electrical specialists.
  • DO get properly informed by talking to an expert.
  • DO ensure that all electrical systems are in good condition and up to code.

Avoid Untrained Discount Electricians

There are several different levels of qualifications in the industry, and a wide variety of different areas of expertise. Some electricians, for example, might be able to hook up data cables but aren't qualified to rewire power points. Unfortunately, many underqualified professionals will misrepresent themselves as being more broadly skilled than they are. Any improperly connected electrical system is a danger to those around it, so you need to make sure you have a genuine electrician with relevant qualifications working on your job.

The best way to make sure of this is to only hire trusted electrical service providers. At Cablenet, we take safety seriously. We guarantee that every electrical contracting job we do will be undertaken by some of Australia's most experienced specialists, all of whom are thoroughly qualified to work on the task and constantly updating their knowledge-bases in keeping with the latest, top industry standards.

Get Perth's Most Experienced Electricians

Cablenet is the home of the experts. Some of our electricians have over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial solutions. We also provide specialists in lighting, data cables, repairs, regular maintenance, smoke and security alarm systems and anything else you'll need.

Call Cablenet on 08 9381 5802 or contact us online to get friendly, punctual, communicative and above all, experienced, electrical professionals working for you.

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