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Cablenet provides commercial and residential electrical services for Perth's metropolitan and regional areas.

Our friendly Perth electricians are a highly motivated and dedicated team who can expertly undertake services for homes, offices, commercial properties and construction sites.

We have built strong professional working relationships with builders, architects and engineering consultants to deliver trusted services including electrical testing and tagging, communications cabling, fibre optic cabling, installation of emergency lighting, smoke alarms, surge protection and more.

Quality Assurance

We have more than two decades of contracting experience and offer the highest quality of workmanship across all of our professional services. Whether we are testing offices for electrical safety and surge protection or installing residential smoke alarms, our licensed professionals make sure the work causes minimal disruption to your business or home.

Professional Development

Cablenet's Perth electricians regularly attend courses and professional training to keep their skills at the highest level. All Cablenet work carries a full warranty and complies with relevant Australian building codes and regulations.

Complete all-in-one Service

At Cablenet, we have a diverse range of specialist services and surge protection devices for home and office electrical work - the benefit is a complete cost effective service without the hassle of project managing different companies. Apart from full/partial repairs and maintenance, our Perth electricians offer a number of professional installation and testing services.

  • Computer cabling/ Fibre optic cabling - Be ready for high-speed network access. Our staff can install communications cabling for fast and efficient data transfers.
  • Telephone extensions - Need an extra telephone socket? We can quickly meet your needs at home or the office.
  • VOIP/IPTEL - Avoid dropped calls and poor quality of service. We can test your new and existing communications cabling with our Level 4 Fluke LAN Testers, ensuring peace of mind for all IT managers. We understand the importance of fast effective communications within the office environment.
  • Switchboard alteration - Safety must take a priority with any electricity entering a building. We can fit safety switches and surge protection devices giving you the highest quality protection which complies with current working regulations AS/NZS 3000:2007.
  • Electrical testing and tagging - Avoid hazardous working conditions by having your equipment checked regularly and surge protection devices fitted. We offer a yearly proficient electrical testing and tagging service all for all of your equipment to ensure it meets occupational health and safety regulations 1996, in accordance with AS/NZS 3760:2003. We clearly tag the equipment with a description of test dates and frequency. A report is kept onsite.
  • Green Energy - Legislation and rising energy costs makes having energy efficient lighting and other energy saving appliances a must. Cablenet can advise on ways to make the most of your power using energy efficient lighting in your home or office to combat high electricity bills.
  • Thermographic Inspection - We always use the latest technology for optimum performance. Using thermographic imaging, we can quickly detect a fault under load or at peak operating times. Once detected, we can immediately repair to avoid any costly failures or faults.

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Contact Perth's Cablenet on 08 9381 5802 for professional wiring, communications and fibre optic cabling, installation of emergency lighting, smoke alarms, surge protection and more.

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