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Should Your Business Make the Switch to Fibre Optic Data Cabling?

Whether you are installing a new data cabling system or considering upgrading your existing copper wires, switching to fibre optic can present a range of short and long term benefits for your business. Many buildings retain old style copper wiring, which is becoming less efficient for businesses relying on faster technology for their operations. Fluctuating power and high maintenance costs means copper wiring can become a hindrance for business.

Fibre optic is a modern solution for businesses seeking to upgrade their existing data cabling. When moving into a new building or renovating, consider a switch for the many benefits the modern technology can offer:


Using light to transfer data also means no heat is produced with fibre optics, increasing safety within your building due to the reduced risk of fire. All cables can also be located in a central area, reducing the amount of wiring within the building.


Fibre optic uses light to transmit data, which is more reliable than traditional copper wiring and allows for a greater volume of data to be transferred at any one time. Using light also means there is little loss of signal and large amounts of data can move more quickly over a longer distance.


Your data is more secure since the modern fibre optic data cabling does not emit signals. If the cabling is breached, the whole system will fail.


Fibre optics are less susceptible to weather conditions and other environmental factors, so you know they will always be operating. It is also less effected by fluctuating power and cannot be effected by electronic interference or radio frequency.

Overall cost

Fibre optic may prove more expensive at initial installation than traditional copper wiring, but long term it can provide significant saving benefits. As the data cabling uses less energy to transmit data, it consumes less power and provides an ongoing power saving. It also offers indirect savings, with faster data transfer speeds your business can run more smoothly and less downtime means better productivity.

When making the decision to install or rewire your building, you will need a qualified and experienced electrical contractor who can advise on the best solutions for your business and building. Speak to Cablenet to find out more about improving your business performance with fibre optic cabling on (08) 9381 5802 or read more about our services.

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