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How to Choose an Electrical Contractor for Your Commercial Building

It seems common sense that any electrical work should be performed by a qualified and licensed electrical contractor. However, for many property owners, it can be tempting to perform the work themselves, especially when it seems simple and a cheaper option. Using a friend, trying to save with a cheaper contractor or attempting to DIY can pose a life threatening risk.

With so many risks associated with poorly completed work, choosing an electrical contractor is an important decision. When looking for a commercial electrician, consider:


The electrician you choose should be a fully licensed electrical contractor and should be able to provide you with a license number, proceeded by 'EC' for those working in WA.

Qualified & Experienced

Choose a qualified electrician with the knowledge to undertake the type of work you are requesting. Ask whether they have performed similar commercial work before. There are restrictions on the work apprentices can and cannot perform, so be sure your electrician has full and up to date qualifications.


Ask them about the best solution for your office. Can they provide you with specific answers, advising you on safety precautions and best practices? For example, can they provide thermographic testing or information on the best way to set up your server room or installing LED lighting?


Do they have the knowledge, training and experience to do the work you require? Most electricians specialise in particular areas so ensure you are contracting a qualified professional to complete the work you require, such as data cabling, rewiring or power point installation.

Consider the Dangers

High voltage cables are extremely dangerous and whether you are moving into an established building or have been there for years, you never know the age of your electrics. Even if you have some knowledge of electrical work, consider these risks before attempting to reduce costs by doing it yourself or employing someone unlicensed.

Cheaper Isn't Better

Trying to save money by using an unqualified electrical contractor could end up costing you more in the end. Fines for completing illegal electrical work are severe, and these could come on top of the cost to fix amateur and unsafe work.


Your building may not be covered by insurance if you or an unqualified person attempts to complete the electrical work.


Not only is working with high voltage power unsafe, incorrectly connected systems are a danger to you, your staff and building users. Even if the electrical system appears to be operating, it may still be unstable and unsafe, exposing you to the risk of electrocution or fire.

Damage Risk

Trying to save money by doing it yourself could result in more damage, meaning you will need to repair the damage caused, as well as have the original work completed.

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Only a qualified electrician should work on your building electrics. Cablenet are the licensed, qualified and experienced professionals with experience in commercial electrical work. Speak with our team on (08) 9381 5802 to discuss how we can provide you with reliable electrical support or read more about our services.

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