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How Thermographic Electrical Testing Can Benefit Your Business

Thermographics, also known as thermal imaging, is used in preventative electrical testing and maintenance for early fault detection. The special infrared equipment scans a surface area and highlights any sections emitting abnormal temperatures, which indicate a possible fault. The innovative technology is an effective and affordable option for businesses, allowing faults to be identified and fixed before they become potential risks to equipment and lives.

For businesses which operate large amounts of equipment, electrical testing should be part of a regular maintenance program and is recommended prior to moving into a new office or commercial building. Thermographics offer a range of benefits:

Minimal disruption: As faults can be detected through the surface of the item, thermal imaging results in minimal damage to equipment and the surrounding equipment. Infrared cameras will highlight which areas, if any, require maintenance, resulting in a quicker diagnosis.

Reduced downtime: Early detection of faults means they can be rectified before causing a major disruption and possible damage. You can also plan maintenance to be carried out during off peak times.

Reduce costs: By identifying potential hazards, maintenance can be performed to extend the life of equipment. Improved operation of your equipment can also result in reduced energy consumption and less costs.

Improved safety: Stop faults before they become risks to your building users and significantly reduce the risk of electrical fires. Many insurance companies insist on electrical testing and thermographics provides the most effective option.

Whilst thermographics greatest feature is its ability to quickly identify and diagnose issues before they become significant, it's never too late. If you are experiencing problems, an infrared scan can be carried out to quickly identify the issue so maintenance can be carried out before the problem progresses further. At the first sign of problems, a survey can be carried out with thermographic equipment to find and fix the issue.

Who Can Carry Out Electrical Testing?

Only qualified electricians who are trained in thermographic technologies can carry out such testing. At the completion of the process, you should be provided with a report on any faults which have been detected. It's important to ensure all testing is carried out by a trusted, licensed and trained professional who can provide genuine reports of their findings. Be wary of "experts" who recommend maintenance without providing clear reports or explanations of any issues they have found.

When considering maintenance or inspection of your electrical equipment, choose an electrician who can provide you with expertise in thermographics. Cablenet are trained in thermographic technology. Speak with our expert team on (08) 9381 5802 about early fault detection and providing your business with ongoing electrical support with our professional services.

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