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Your New Office Electrical Installation Essential Checklist

Moving your business into a new building can be an exciting but stressful time. There are many issues to take care of and inspecting a property and signing a new lease comes with multiple areas to check and ensure are in working order. It may also be the time to perform electrical installations such as upgrading the lighting and data cabling to suit your business. The electrical layout needs of a day spa are different from an accountancy firm.

Know the property you are buying or leasing has had all electrical installations completed to required standards by using a licensed and qualified commercial electrician to independently inspect the property. They can provide guidance on whether it currently meets safety standards and can advise on any upgrades you are considering. Some areas to look at include:


Although important, you need to check more than simply that the lights work. Also consider whether the lighting is sufficient for your business. You may want to use the opportunity to upgrade to more energy efficient LED or fluorescent bulbs or relocate lighting fixtures for better coverage. If rooms are being repurposed, they may require additional lighting. Don't forget to inspect other lights such as your emergency lights and any outdoor lighting.

Data Cabling

Many offices now maintain an onsite as well as offsite server, along with many computers connecting to a central point. A qualified electrician will need to complete any electrical installations of data cabling in your office, including for computer and telephone systems. They can ensure your equipment will not overload the grid and causes unexpected and annoying outages. Your electrician should recommend the most suitable option for your building, including whether fibre optic is a viable option.

Power Points

Do you have enough power points for your office equipment? Remember you will need to include computers, printers and photocopiers. Using extension cords and power boards can be a hazard so consider whether you have enough power points and whether existing ones need to be relocated.

Kitchen & Meeting Spaces

Consider the space you require for your work kitchen and the types of appliances which need to be connected. Also think about the spaces clients will see when they visit. Are your meeting rooms well lit and do they have the capacity for the type of equipment you would like to use, such as TVs, computers and projectors? It may be time to upgrade the space to ensure it's an inviting space for your visitors.

Before Buying or Leasing, Talk to Cablenet

Any electrical installations should be carried out by a qualified electrician. Cablenet are qualified, licensed commercial electricians who can inspect your new property. Contact us on (08) 9381 5802 to find out more about our services.

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