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5 Reasons to Install LED Lights in Your Perth Office

Over the years, we have seen the popularity of LED lights grow for offices throughout Perth. Many business owners are keen to take advantage of the technology which can provide cost savings, as well as environmental benefits. However, is it worth the initial outlay? Read below for five reasons making the switch to LED lights can benefit your business.

1. Longer life

With the new technology, there is no need to change bulbs on a regular basis. Regular incandescent bulbs can fail at the worst possible times and flickering, buzzing fluorescent lights are annoying. LED lights have a long lifespan, whilst also maintaining their quality for the duration of their life. In comparison to fluorescent bulbs, LEDs have a lifespan almost 5 times longer.

2. Cost effective

With improved technology and more competition in the marketplace, the cost of LEDs has reduced significantly. The initial purchase can be costly but consider the long term savings. Not only do LEDs last for years, they consume less power when operating. Having multiple bulbs switched on in your office and the increasing cost of electricity in Perth can mean installing LEDs will significantly reduce your next power bill.

3. Non toxic

Unlike fluorescent lights which contain mercury, LED lights contain no toxic materials. This makes them safer to handle in a workplace, as well as when it comes time for disposal. Fluorescent bulbs can break easily, exposing workers to dangerous substances or in landfill. Installing LEDs is one way your office can reduce its carbon footprint.

4. Energy efficient

It's well known LEDs are more energy efficient. Did you know LEDs use only 30% of the power of a fluorescent light? For an office which needs to run lights all day, LEDs offer significant energy savings.

5. Better quality, 'clean' light

LEDs comes in a range of colours, including different types of whites. Unlike standard incandescent bulbs, LEDs produce a whiter light. When lighting important areas where clients and customers visit, having a solid, clean light can make your office an attractive, impressive and pleasant place to visit.

LED installation should only be carried out by a licensed professional. If your current bulbs are starting to flicker, consider making a change. Whether you have an existing office or are building a new establishment, you will need to look at the strategic placement of your new lights throughout the building.

Cablenet are qualified Perth electricians able to install and assist with designing a lighting system which works for your office. Read more about our services for offices and commercial buildings or call us on (08) 9381 5802 for more information.

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